Today’s EDGE in business is about UNDERSTANDING the CULTURE

                                                                       by which your organization is defined.

                                          At EDGE COACHING we connect to the HEART & SOUL of your company.

As a business owner, finding a way to connect with your people, while providing the leadership they want and need, is a critical path worth exploring.

We offer solutions to the human factors that impact the workplace. The expectation that people automatically know how to work together is unrealistic, especially in the workplace. These are people who are virtual strangers to each other before being hired, and people with possibly more differences than commonalities. People everywhere struggle with relationships, people everywhere struggle to be heard, understood and valued. It is certainly no different in their place of work and most likely, even more challenging.

Our programs are designed to bring to the surface buried perceptions, complaints, prejudice, judgement etc. that occur naturally as a human condition. It is often these factors alone that divide your workforce. When unexplored, these issues can undermine the growth and success of your company, as well as contribute to low morale, absenteeism, deep resentment and a very unhappy work environment.

As we systematically go through our programs, participants learn how to address and move past current restraints. Through guided conversations, distinctions are presented and explored and people gradually become more aware of themselves and others. They begin to wake up and think from a new perspective. In the support and encouragement of conversations that matter, people become engaged and alive. As they speak and are heard…a whole new synergy emerges and the affect on the workplace culture is unprecedented. The qualities found in a thriving workplace such as collaboration, trust, respect and responsibility are restored.

At Edge Coaching, we make all this possible.