Mission Statement

We envision a world where all people are viewed as equal in their humanity.

Our mission is to cultivate a workplace that fosters integrity, partnership and full self expression, such that all people are free to grow in their sense of worth and belonging, as valued contributors to their place of work, to their communities, and to their lives.

At Edge, we identify the dynamics present in each working culture and address current issues that are unique to your workplace. We are expert in communications that may be challenging & sensitive, conversations that affect real change in the hearts and minds of people whose work culture it is. We LISTEN intently and acknowledge how people are feeling. As we ease into difficult dialogue, within the perimeters of our programs, people begin to understand and feel less threatened and view their differences and similarities from a new perspective. These conversations alone make a measurable and unifying difference.

There is  a level of rigor, purpose, and compassion brought to each conversation, designed to provoke understanding, responsibility and action.



With the diversity of ethnicity, personality, and experiences, as well as individual beliefs and opinions, the challenge becomes one of finding common ground, common goals and affecting mindsets for the good of the whole.

At Edge, we are up for the challenge.

We are highly trained in the human design, we have compassion for the process of change and are guided by our own resolve for integrity.

We bring a level of straight talk that cuts through resistance, and most importantly provides a safe place for people to speak freely. Their honest feedback becomes the catalyst in breaking down the barriers that divide them. Once this new level of freedom and communication is experienced, people are able to trust it’s effectiveness. A whole new work experience emerges, people are engaged and the willingness to achieve common goals becomes real.