BUSINESSES, CORPORATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS-  Whenever people come together for a desired outcome, the human elements that greatly affect the process are hidden from view or ignored. We work closely with all people to distinguish and understand this unexplored aspect. What results is a solid foundation of workability and communication, cultivating a whole new way to work and relate to each other.

FAMILY BUSINESSES-  When combining family and business, things can be wonderful or warlike. The challenges are many, as are the rewards. The human elements within the organization are personal and run deep. If the ability to converse and resolve issues is hindered in any way among family members, the effect on the day to day operations, growth, and morale throughout the entire organization is counterproductive. Statistics reveal that family run business often falls short in addressing generational differences, diversity and future planning. Finding a way forward that will not erode family relations is a goal worth pursuing. Could your family weather the storm?

This is where a 3rd party influence, EDGE COACHING makes a huge difference. We become the bridge of understanding and compassion to navigate these uncharted territories so that all family members feel supported and new ways of working and being together can emerge.

COACHING FOR EXECUTIVES – For Junior to Senior Executives and everyone in between, who are ready to discover or regain their true power and role as leader in their business and their lives, a one on one conversation to address their willingness to expand and find their EDGE.

THIRD PART INFLUENCE– On occasion, a highly sensitive conversation is needed in the workplace that requires discretion, detachment and compassion. With complete confidentiality, our Third Party Influence supports the people involved and helps resolve a difficult situation. Example: inappropriate behavior/ non-conformity that disturbs the workplace/personal hygiene, bad manners, etc.

IMPECCABLE SERVICE – A three hour Workshop created to train your staff in the “Art of Service”

PERSONAL INDIVIDUALIZED COACHING – For all people struggling in understanding themselves so they may find happiness & freedom in their lives.